CCPA & CPRA Solution

CCPA & CPRA Solution

The CCPA & CPRA Solution is an intelligent system that walks you through the process of creating and maintaining necessary privacy documents at a fraction of the cost and time, and includes professional, personal support to complete and review your program.


CCPA Overview 
The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) went into effect on Jan. 1, 2020. The CCPA applies to for-profit business handling personal data from California residents, and meets any one of the following criteria:  

  • annual gross revenues of $25 million+ 
  • personal information of 50,000+ California residents 
  • 50%+ of annual rev. is from selling CA residents’ personal information



• Regulatory: $2,500 - $7,500 per incident 
• Private right of action: Individual or class-action lawsuits for $150 - $750 per person affected by a data breach. 


Privacy Support: Includes up to 5 hours of support to complete and review your CCPA & CPRA privacy program.


tyndl's CCPA & CPRA Solution includes ongoing access and annual support to create and maintain program documentation including the following: 

  • CCPA Policies 
  • CCPA Procedures 
  • CCPA Compliance Checklist 
  • Privacy Disclosures 
  • Privacy Field Manual for Consumer Requests 
  • Data Processing Agreement - Third Parties Handling Your Data
  • Data Processing Agreement - Handling Data for Third Parties
  • Record of Consumer Requests 
  • Response to Requests to Access Information 
  • Complexity Analysis Form (Process and Documentation) 
  • Notice for Extension of Time to Respond to Consumer Request
  • Parent Attestation Form 
  • Representative Election Form 
  • Appeal Letter 
  • Deletion Request Form to Third Parties 
  • Deletion Attestation Form 
  • Deletion Denial Form 
  • Response to Requests Regarding the Sale of Disclosure of Information 
  • Consumer Expectation Alignment Form 
  • Opt-In/Opt-Out Form 
  • Opt-In Notice for Minors 
  • Getting Started with the CCPA & CPRA Solution

    With a completed purchase, we will reach out to you to create your online account, and we will schedule the first meeting to kick-off your CCPA & CPRA program effort. We will go over the online system and schedule additional meetings with you to complete and review your program. Our experts will help you map your Personally Identifyable Information (PII), answer the many questions about your organization's use of PII, create your dissclosures and processing agreements, as well as provide training, tracking, and other necessary program documentation.