GDPR Solution

GDPR Solution

The GDPR Solution is an intelligent system that walks you through the process of creating and maintaining necessary privacy documents at a fraction of the cost and time, and includes professional, personal support to complete and review your program.


GDPR Overview 
The GDPR went into effect May 2018, and regulates how businesses and  nonprofits handle personal information from Europe. Your organization must comply with the GDPR if it:

  • Maintains a website and analyzes how people from Europe use the website
  • Markets and sells products or services to people in Europe 
  • Employs European citizens 
  • Has an office or facility in Europe 


Organizations that fail to comply could sustain fines of up to $24 million or four percent of global revenues, whichever is greater. 


Privacy Support: Includes up to 5 hours of support to complete and review your GDPR program documentation.


tyndl's GDPR Solution includes ongoing access and annual support to create and maintain program documentation including the following: 

  • GDPR Policies 
  • GDPR Procedures 
  • Security Procedures (provides a sample, or will reference your existing procedures)
  • Security Controls (provides a sample, or will reference your existing controls)
  • GDPR Compliance Checklist 
  • Privacy Notice or Consent 
  • Notice of Change in Purpose 
  • Contract for Third Parties Handling Your Data 
  • Contract for Handling Data for Third Parties 
  • Internal Record of Processing 
  • External Record of Processing 
  • Business Interest Analysis Form 
  • Data Protection Impact Assessment 
  • GDPR Training Acknowledgment Form 
  • GDPR Training Tracking Sheet 
  • Audit Log 
  • Data Event Response Framework 
  • Data Event Report 
  • Record of All Requests 
  • Record of Requests for Access 
  • Record of Requests for Erasure or Blocking 
  • Record of Requests for Rectification 
  • Record of Requests for Restrictions on Processing 
  • Record of Authorizations for Special Categories of Data 
  • Record of Objections to Processing 
  • Record of Data Subjects' Objections to Automated Processing
  • Getting Started with the GDPR Solution

    With a completed purchase, we will reach out to you to create your online account, and we will schedule the first meeting to kick-off your GDPR program effort. We will go over the online system and schedule additional meetings with you to complete and review your program. Our experts will help you map your Personally Identifyable Information (PII), answer the many questions about your organization's use of PII, create your dissclosures and processing agreements, as well as provide training, tracking, and other necessary program documentation.