Umbrella Privacy Solution

Umbrella Privacy Solution

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The Umbrella Privacy Solution consolidates the growing number of privacy laws into a single Privacy Program. 

The Umbrella Privacy Solution is a universal privacy program that uses industry best practices and standards to create a unified privacy standard and addresses specific privacy laws as schedules, all of which are kept current as laws continue to propagate and change. 

The Umbrella Privacy Solution starts with questions about the organization and how private data is handled, helps map all privacy data, creates documentation for your privacy program, and includes tools for Consumer Request tracking and response generation.

Legal Support includes a number of hours of legal support by a privacy attorney through a professional law firm, pending a standard conflict check. The number of hours will vary based on the package purchased. Please contact us for details.

The Umbrella Privacy Solution includes ongoing access to Consumer Request tracking and response generation and required ongoing documentation for your privacy program that will keep current with new and existing privacy laws. 

Included in the Umbrella Privacy Solution: 
A. Essential Documents 
     1. Umbrella Privacy Policy 
     2. Umbrella Privacy Procedures 
     3. Umbrella Privacy Procedures Exhibit List 
     4. Privacy Notice
     5. Privacy Consent Form 
     6. Record of Processing (External)
     7. Record of Processing (Internal)
B. Evaluating a Legitimate Business Interest for Using Data 
     8. Business Interest Analysis Form
C. Data Events 
     9.   Data Event Response Framework
     10. Data Event Report
     11. Notification Decision Analysis
     12. Notification to Data Subjects
D. Data Processing Agreements 
     13. Data Processing Agreement - Proc. Data for Third Parties
     14. Data Processing Agreement - Third Parties Proc. Your Data
E. Data Protection Impact Assessment 
     15. Data Protection Risk Assessment
     16. Data Protection Impact Assessment
     17. Data Protection Impact Assessment Flow
F. Data Subject Requests 
     18. Record of Data Subjects' Requests
     19. Record of Objections
     20. Record of Authorizations to Automated Processing
     21. Complexity Analysis Form
     22. Deletion Attestation Form
     23. Deletion Denial Form
     24. Deletion Request Form to Third Parties
25. Service Provider Denial Form 
G. Audits 
26. Audit Log
27. Audit Tracking Sheet
H. Training 
28. Privacy Field Manual
29. Training Acknowledgment Form
30. Training Tracking Sheet
I. Changing the Purpose of Processing 
31. Notice of Change in Purpose

  • Getting Started with the Umbrella Privacy Solution

    With a completed purchase, we will reach out to you to create your online account, and we will schedule the first meeting to kick-off your Umbrella Privacy program effort. We will go over the online system and schedule additional meetings with you to complete and review your program. Our experts will help you map your Personally Identifyable Information (PII), answer the many questions about your organization's use of PII, create your dissclosures and processing agreements, as well as provide training, tracking, and other necessary program documentation.